Payment Methods

You can pay us using multiple payment methods its easy to buy our services!


Buy SMTP Servers And Bulk Email Marketing Services

You can pay us using the following payment methods.

1. Credit Card Payment

We accept Credit Card Payments using or via Paypal only. You can buy smtp plans or smtp servers or email marketing plans using credit cards by opening an account with paypal or .

2. PayPal

We accept PayPal Payments If you would like to pay using PayPal than please follow the following instructions.

  • Login to your paypal
  • Click on Send Money Button
  • put our email id as receiver ID
  • Put amount that you have to pay and in notes mention invoice number and send.
  • Once you done than email us at [email protected] with your invoice# and paypal transaction number and amount that you paid.


If you want to pay us by bank or credit card or debit card one of the secure method to do that is via you need to signup with and upload funds via credit or debit card or via bank and pay us for more details send us email at [email protected]

5. Bitcoin / Perfect Money/ Payza / LiteCoin

If you want to pay using bitcoin you need to just choose payment method bitcoin and pay us from your bitcoin wallet. We do accept perfect money but you have to use online exchange company that can help you to send bitcoins using perfect money for further details please contact our live chat support.

How to buy smtp using Bitcoin?

How to buy smtp online with perfect money?

How to buy smtp with payza?

How to buy smtp with Litecoin?

6. Western Union/Money Gram

If you don’t have bank account or credit card or paypal account or bitcoin wallet or account then you can pay us using western union or moneygram from anywhere in the world. For further information please contact us at live chat or send an email to [email protected]. Choose Western Union/MoneyGram as payment method while placing the order.

7. Wire Transfer

If you want to send us big amounts or annual payments we prefer wire transfer for smtp server payments. You need to choose wire transfer as payment method and the invoice you will see will have our bank account details. For further details please contact our live chat team.

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