What is an SMTP Server

The SMTP stands for (Simple Mail Transfer ) protocol which is a TCP/IP protocol that use to send and receive emails over internet.

How to Setup Smtp Server?
what is smtp server
SMTP server or Smtp mail Server means a server which is used to send and receive emails. Each smtp server has its own name or hostname you can say i.e “mail.yourdomain.com” or “smtp.yourdomain.com”.

SMTP server can be use to send low or high volume emails but before to setup smtp server you need to install one Mail Transfer Agent software i.e Postfix, Exim, Qmail, PowerMTA to send emails etc.

Some of the smtp software are free but some required paid licence key before to use. Normally hosting companies use Exim, Postfix, Qmail for their web hosting/email clients because they are free and mostly used world wide.

But if you are email marketer and looking to send high volume emails using smtp server then you need to find or use paid licence MTA software i.e Powermta which delivers your emails efficiently and fast.

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How to send emails from SMTP Server?
you can send emails using smtp server using following methods

Webmail: Many hosting companies and control panels i.e cpanel, plesk provide webmail applications that allows you to send and recieve emails from your email account [email protected] to a given recipient [email protected].
Outlook Express: Professionals send their emails using outlook express where they manage all of their contacts, tasks, meeting dates etc… To configure outlook for sending and recieving emails you need followings
smtp hostname (i.e smtp.yourdomain.com or mail.yourdomain.com)
username: your email id
pwd: your email pwd
smtp port: Port 25 normally used for email delivery. With SSL its 465
pop port: Port 110 normally used for receiving emails.
authentication type: plain, SSL, TLS ?
Email Marketing Softwares: if you want to send emails at high quantity then you can also use email markting software like SendBlaster, mailwizz, Interspire to send the emails.
If you are gmail account holder and want to know your gmail smtp server its


use your email is as user name and pwd as password for your smtp server gmail. Keep in mind Gmail SMTP Ports are 465 with SSL and 587 with TLS.

You can’t send more than 500 emails per day from gmail account.

Hotmail uses outgoing mail server smtp.live.com
and SMTP Port for outgoing mail in Hotmail is port 25

So if you are planing to send bulk emails then you need a best email service which we can provide you at affordable price. You can check out our bulk smtp hosting plans and buy smtp server from us.

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