Unlimited Inbox Marketing

Top Dedicated SMTP Email Marketing Server

That Will Never Be BANNED Due To Any Complain

Fast Email Delivery

Personal custom built Top Class UNLIMITED email marketing server or SMTP server for Great deliverability.

If you use an email provider like Mail Chimp, Send Grid, iContact, etc, you will not be allowed to Bulk Email to prospects, but only to a limited number of users that have subscribed or showed relevant interest in your product. So, there is lots of limitation.

Following Products/Features services:

a) Deployment of a dedicated server using Linux Centos 7.6

b) Installation of Exim

c) Installation of Interspire or Mailwizz Email Marketer with its supported addons

d) Setting up your domain records, SPF, DKIM, DMARC, TXT, DNS, RDNS records.

Key Features:

* You can send email very fast

* Send UNLIMITED Emails/Month

* Exceptional Inboxing Rates

* Track Open Rates

* Track Hard & Soft Bounce

* Track CTR (Click Through Rates)

* Setup Auto-Responders

* Setup Trigger Campaigns

* A/B Testing (Split Testing) to test which campaign performs better.

* Content Spinning

* High Open Rate

Note that I will provide you bulletproof SMTP Email server that will never be BANNED due to any complain


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