Bulk email service provider

When you want to send bulk emails you need to make sure your emails get delivered with better open rate and click through rate. This is only possible when you use best bulk email service provider for sending your promotional bulk emails. bulk email marketing serviceEmail Marketing Solution from SMTP GURU offer best bulk email … Read more

What is an SMTP Server

The SMTP stands for (Simple Mail Transfer ) protocol which is a TCP/IP protocol that use to send and receive emails over internet. How to Setup Smtp Server?what is smtp serverSMTP server or Smtp mail Server means a server which is used to send and receive emails. Each smtp server has its own name or … Read more

Mail Client Communications TCP Ports

The following table provides the TCP Port information that you will need when setting up your eMail Clien software to communicate with our servers.We strongly recommend that you configuration your client software to use the encrypted communcations when sending and receving eMail from our systems. Be sure your personal and/or corporate firewalls are configured to allow … Read more

Bounce Type Classification

Bounce processing protects the integrity of email lists by ensuring they are clean and current. The result is higher deliverability since ISP’s regard repeated attempts to deliver to nonexistent addresses as spamming or harvesting. For our customers convenience; our systems automatically categorized bounces into a number of different types so different actions can be taken … Read more

SMTP Headers

An electronic mail message consists of two components, the message header, and the message body, which is the email’s content. The message header contains control information, including, minimally, an originator’s email address and one or more recipient addresses. Usually additional information is added, such as a subject header field. Following are some common SMTP headers. … Read more

Check Spam Rate

It’s important to know your message’s spam rate before sending. Email servers imply sophisticated technologies and spam filters to eliminate spam attacks. Very often absolutely legal emails are marked as spam. Your message may be regarded as spam, if it doesn’t correspond to email servers’ rules. This tool analyzes the email’s source code and shows … Read more

Affiliate Email Marketing

Are you an affiliate marketer? Whether you are new to affiliate marketing or an experienced marketing guru, we can help you grow your affiliate business through email marketing. What is Affiliate Marketing? Affiliate marketing is a business that does not require a big upfront investment and can be done from the comfort of your own … Read more

Email Marketing Services

Email Marketing is a reliable cost effective way to bring increased business to your company or website. Finding new customers and keep in contact with existing customers, email marketing using mass emailing is the only affordable solution. Our Email Marketing Software includes everything you need to create, send and track professional HTML mass emails. It … Read more

What is transactional email

Transactional emails means sending emails like updates, notifications, welcome letter, signup confirmation, password reset, banking alerts, job alerts, payment receipts etc… Transactional Emails Example Job Alerts/ Banking Alerts Password Reset Order Confirmation/ Invoicing / Payment Receipts Welcome Email / Signup Confirmation Emails Birthday Greetings The above mentioned emails are transactional emails examples there are many … Read more

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